Naming The Unnamed Pontiac Sport Truck

Most younger drivers are unfamiliar with the Chevrolet El Camino a hybridized car-truck that last saw production during the late 1980s. Circa Pontiac1960 when the first of these types of vehicles were produced, both Chevrolet and Ford had the market to themselves, a segment that wasn’t particularly large, but with its devotees nonetheless.

The Subaru Baja is the closest model to the El Camino, but it is no longer being produced. Right now, the North American market has now light duty car-trucks available, but if General Motors follows through with the Pontiac G8 sport truck concept, an El Camino type vehicle could be back on the roads soon.

Thanks to GM’s Australian division, Holden, the Pontiac G8 sedan is a reality. This same vehicle has a cousin, the Ute, which is the vehicle that the sport truck is based on.

As the pictures clearly demonstrate, the sport truck is essentially the G8 sedan with everything beyond the passenger department an open bed truck. The sport truck will be longer than the sedan and have the usual truck like amenities including a base payload of 1300 lbs. and a trailer capacity of 3500 lbs.

GM seems committed to bringing the sport truck to life and is asking people to offer their name choices in a contest where the prize is, you guessed it, the truck.

Pontiac G8 Sport Truck

Pontiac G8 Sport Truck

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