Cadillac CTS Coupe: From Concept To Reality

Fresh on the heels for winning the 2008 Car of the Year award for the CTS sedan, Cadillac introduced a CTS coupe concept which was a hit with the media at the 2008 NAIAS — a/ka/ Detroit Auto Show. While GM management talked about the possibility of this gorgeous coupe going into production, mostly everyone in attendance was thinking and saying, build it.

When the roll out was done and the concept put on display, the CTS coupe attracted one of the largest followings of any vehicle at the show. Even GM management seemed to hint that the coupe would soon go into production. As an attendee at the show I can tell you that the CTS coupe will be in your Cadillac showroom as a 2010 model.

Cadillac CTS Coupe

Cadillac CTS Coupe

Cadillac CTS Coupe

Cadillac CTS Coupe

With a 2+2 format, the CTS coupe is just the model Cadillac needs to compete with BMW and Mercedes at the “lower end” of the market. It has already been established that the CTS sedan is a world-class car, and the coupe will expand that line-up allowing Cadillac to compete with its German and Asian rivals. The CTS-V, Cadillac’s sedan on steroids, will be returning for the 2009 model year.

The biggest difference between the sedan and the coupe is from just behind the front passenger seat on back. The concept coupe doesn’t have a B pillar and the trunk is tapered. Other differences include windshield angle, front fascia, door handles, and wheels. Look for a 2.9L turbo-diesel paired with a six-speed manual transmission as one engine option when the coupe goes into production.

Gosh, it could be the worst kept secret in Detroit: The Cadillac CTS Coupe is a go!

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