Once A Verve, Now A Fiesta

Ford Verve

The Ford Motor Company is fresh off the sale of Jaguar and Land Rover, with the Aston Martin sell off completed in 2007. With three albatrosses removed from around the company’s neck, Ford should be in a better position to update their remaining product lines beginning with the Ford brand itself.

One area where Ford desperately needs to see some change is with its entry level vehicles. At present, the underwhelming Focus is the base Ford product, a car that disappoints and has aged terribly. For some odd reason Ford has withheld their best compact car products from the North American market while the Europeans get the latest and greatest cars, namely their own version of the Focus.

Ford Verve

If you attended a major auto show in 2008, then you may have seen Ford’s bean-shaped concept, the Verve. First introduced at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show, the Verve offers both three-door hatchback and four-door sedan iterations.

Ford Verve

Ford has already indicated that the Verve is a “go” and that it will be built as the next generation Fiesta. American drivers remember the Fiesta name, a truly unforgettable VW Rabbit-like car which Ford imported from Europe during the 1980s. Ford is sticking with the Fiesta name despite its lack of enthusiasm on this side of the pond. Look for the Focus to go away once the new Fiesta goes on sale in 2010.

Ford Verve

Among the notables for the Verve are its 18 inch wheels, 1.4L engine, lack of center pillar, and an integrated rear spoiler. Odd as it seems at first glance, Ford just may have a success on its hands.

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    The Verve is a nice looking car from Ford. I would to loved to have had a car like this to choose from when I was younger looking for my first car. Ford seems to stay a ahead of the competition.


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