A Mini Minivan For Opel – Is Saturn Next?

Opel Meriva

People familiar with the Saturn brand of vehicles can get a strong hint where the nameplate is going by keeping their eyes on Opel. Opel is General Motors‘ storied European brand and the company has plainly stated that by 2014 the brands will be fully integrated. Most future Saturn models will originate overseas with possibly one or two models copied from GM’s stateside line up (e.g., namely crossovers).

Opel recently released pictures of the Insignia, a model that will likely be the next generation Saturn AURA. They also have been showing pictures of the Opel Meriva concept, a car that will probably find its way across the Atlantic.

Saturn Insignia

The Meriva represents the brand’s monocab design — a short hood, high roof and steeply sloping tailgate. Also known as “mini minivans” vehicles like the Meriva are popular in Europe, but are currently unknown in the US and Canada. With gas prices zooming ever higher, the Meriva could fill an important void.

Opel Meriva

A distinguishing feature of the Meriva is its innovative FlexDoors system, which consists of rear-hinged rear doors that swing open toward the back of the car, for easier passenger access. The Meriva is designed to hold five occupants.

Opel Meriva

Photos copyright GM Corp.

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