Press Release Services for the Auto Industry!

Under the current FTC disclosure requirements, I believe that I must tell you that this particular piece represents a promotional opportunity. Then again, what I’m announcing today has nothing to do with a customer nor is this a sponsored post. Instead, I’m going to share with you information about my latest website,, and what this all-new press release writing service can do for your business.

targetI’ve been writing press releases for years, but scaled this service back to take on other projects of late. I got tired of fielding requests from prospective customers who wanted what they called news disseminated, but were looking for me to write an overt product pitch instead. Unless something is newsworthy, I’m just not going to put my reputation on the line by writing a poorly disguised ad copy in place of a news release.

But is different from what I’ve done in the past as this service offers customers just one option: a well written 400 word maximum press release costing them $99 prepaid via Paypal. Once I’ve received payment, then I’ll schedule a time to consult with my client either via phone or email. Together, we’ll nail down the news angle and take the project from there. Typically, everything will be done within 3 to 5 business days, less depending on my schedule.

I’m directing this press release initiative to small businesses which is basically everyone besides major corporations. Corporate PR departments handle their own media matters, but for numerous small operators they must outsource their work. This is where I come in.

Under my arrangement, distribution is left up to the customer. I have found that many people prefer to work with distributors themselves, choosing what sort of reach that they want. In any case, I offer tips on to help people with that aspect of dissemination, including who to contact at local newspapers.

If you are a car dealer, automotive blogger or other industry professional and are interested in my services, please visit for more information including how to contact me about my press release work.