Product Review: Drop Stop

Some gifts are just plain simple.

High tech devices are in much demand by today’s car-driving consumers. We expect Bluetooth connectivity, 10-speaker Bose audio systems, blind spot detection and power everything in our cars. Good stuff, but not everything we find that is beneficial must be complicated or expensive.

Protecting the Gap

We recently learned about a very low tech accessory for the car, Drop Stop, and requested that the manufacturer send us a sample for testing. This “protecting the gap” accessory fits between your car seat and the center gap — you know, that seemingly bottomless pit that swallows up your loose change, credit cards, receipts, food, pens and other items. Drop Stop fits snug and moves with your seat as it is placed over your seat belt catch and runs the full length of your seat.

The idea for Drop Stop came to co-founders Marc Newburger and Jeffrey Simon following an incident Marc had on the road. Marc’s cell phone slipped into the gap and, like many people, he took his eyes off the road for a few seconds to search for the dropped phone. He almost had a deadly accident, an incident that shook him to the core, but also served as a springboard to do something that led him and Jeffrey to develop Drop Stop.

Drop Stop Specifications

To paraphrase Henry Ford, “you can have any color you want as long as it is black.” That’s right, Drop Stop is available only in black, but as its developers note, the shadow or pit area between your seat is also black.

Drop Stop fits most vehicles and is about 17 inches long. As long as the gap between your seat and the center console is 3 1/2 inches or less, then Drop Stop will fit. The exterior is made of a neoprene and nylon blend, and can be washed right off with a damp cloth. Inside, polyester fiberfill helps this device bend according to the size of the gap in your vehicle.

As Tested

It didn’t take long for my wife and I to learn that Drop Stop does work. At first, I was concerned that the driver’s seat movement would affect the Drop Stop’s positioning as my wife and I adjust our positions accordingly. No problem there — the gap filler was secure — and when some change fell out of my pocket, it bounced off of Drop Stop and was easily retrieved on top of my seat.

Drop Stop can be purchased online for $19.95, a price that includes two gap fillers and some other gifts for the car. If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer this Christmas, then Drop Stop is something for you to consider.

Disclaimer — Our Drop Stop sample was donated for this review. The opinion given herein belongs to the writer only. The related photos were supplied by Drop Stop’s public relations firm.