Cummins Reaches 2 Million Chrysler Engine Milestone

You have to go back nearly 25 years to when the first turbo diesel engine was delivered by Cummins, Inc., to the Chrysler Corporation (now Chrysler Group, LLC). That initial powerplant was a 12-valve 5.9-liter six cylinder engine, produced for the company’s full-size Dodge pickup trucks. This month a significant milestone was reached between engine supplier and car manufacturer as Cummins has hit 2 million turbo-diesel engines built for Chrysler.

Engine Displacements

Cummins engineThe current 6.7-liter Cummins engine (pictured) is quite a bit different from the original. Whereas that engine had a smaller displacement and produced just 160 horsepower and 400 foot-pounds of torque, today’s engine bangs out 350 horsepower and up to a whopping 800 foot-pounds of torque (610 lb.-ft. when paired with a manual transmission). Dodge trucks are now known as Ram trucks and the Cummins engine is standard with all heavy-duty 2500 and 3500 series trucks. This engine is also available in 3500, 4500 and 5500 series chassis cabs.

To commemorate its current and past achievements, Cummins has hung up banners in its Columbus, Ind., manufacturing plant to mark each 500,000 unit milestone. Notably, while it took 10 years to produce the first 500,000 engines, it took only five more years to reach 1 million engines and just four more years beyond that to get to 1.5 million engines.

Even with a huge economic downturn, Cummins took just five more years to get to the 2 million engine mark, arriving at this milestone 24 years after its first Chrysler-supplied engine was produced by a Rocky Mount, NC engine plant. The NC plant still produces mid-range engines, but its Ram-outfitted diesel production was moved to Indiana when that plant opened in 1992.

Special Engine

As Cummins prepares to produce 2013 model year engines for Ram trucks, it is building a one-off commemorative engine to mark the occasion. That engine will feature a special-edition red breather cover and valve cover. Soon thereafter, production on 2013 engines will begin.

In 2010, Cummins formed the Cummins High Mileage Club to recognize truck owners that have put at least 100,000 miles on their Cummins engines. That club counts more than 1,400 members including enthusiasts that have reached one million miles. Members of the Million Mile Club receive from Cummins a letter and certificate of recognition, a Cummins watch, a commemorative hat and cab plates and additional recognition. That exclusive club counts five members including one individual whose Cummins-powered truck has topped 2 million miles!

Diesel Specifications

The Cummins engine is paired with a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission. This in-line six cylinder engine does not require diesel exhaust fluid and has an oil change interval of up to 7,500 miles. When paired with an automatic transmission, select Ram trucks can pull up to 22,750 pounds.

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Source: Cummins, Inc.