5 Must Have Truck Accessories for Truck Aficionados

bull bars

By Vern Marker

Description: If you are a truck aficionado, you understand it is important to have tough trucks, that look great but also function well. Adding after market accessories like truck tool boxes can fulfill all your truck’s needs.

Are you crazy about your truck? When thinking about purchasing something new, have you decided that the best thing you could do is simply outfit your vehicle with the latest, greatest gadgets and get some more quality mileage out of it? If you’re into your truck then you probably already have these top rated add-ons.

The first three accessories all have to do with the bed of the vehicle. Pickup truck owners seem to like hauling stuff around, but you also like to protect what you carry as well as ensuring your bed remains in pristine condition.

Tonneau Covers

The number one item bought for trucks is some sort of tonneau cover. Essentially these covers come in hard or soft versions and can be permanently affixed to the back of the truck, or can be installed and removed based upon your specific needs.

The hard covers tend to be hinged at the top of the bed (by the cab) and use pneumatic lifting mechanisms to allow for the cover to raise and lower with ease. Usually made from fiberglass, hard tonneau covers are fantastic ways to lock down your truck bed contents (with the addition of locking mechanisms installed in both of the tail end corners.)

Benefits of this useful addition to a truck? For one it can reduce drag on your vehicle, which arguably can save you some gas money. It will also keep your bed safe from debris and weather elements, not to mention the fact that it looks pretty sleek.

Bed Liner

Next on the list is installing a bed liner. Usually made from high impact resistant plastic, rubber, fiberglass, or some of the newest spray on materials, the addition of a liner does a couple of things for your truck.

A truck bed liner protects the surface of your bed and keeps it from scratching and denting. Further, those scratches have been shown to lead directly to increased rates of rust which ultimately can eat its way through your trucks steel.

Bed liners also look great. As long as the style you choose is well fitted for your specific model of truck, you’ll be driving around town or the job site with the pride of knowing your tail end is looking good.

Tool Boxes

Truck tool boxes are a great way of adding safe, secure features that allow you to be organized and maintain a clutter free truck bed. If you’ve ever hauled around tools or expensive parts and supplies you understand the importance of being able to secure that stuff. Worrying whether or not it will be there when you come out of that meeting or from the other side of a job site is not something you need to have in the back of your mind.

Nerf Bars and Running Boards

The fourth best selling truck accessories are nerf bars and running boards. Given they both serve similar purposes, they tend to be lumped in the same category. Easy to install, these devices can make it easy for passengers to step up into a vehicle.

For trucks that employ any sort of lift kits, running boards and nerf bars are practically essential to get into and out of the vehicle. Additionally, they just look great when properly installed on trucks.

Bull Bars and Grill Guards

Finally, rounding out the top five accessories installed on trucks is the category of bull bars & grill guards. These add-ons come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Essentially, they are added to vehicles for one of two reasons: Cosmetic reasons (face it…it just looks tough), and they can also serve the purpose of protecting your vehicle if you are out 4x4ing or mudding.

Bull bars can and are used regularly to enhance the truck’s ability to push other vehicles while sustaining a minimum of damage. In the event of a front end collision the grill guards will also offer a decent level of protection against serious damage occurring to the front end of the engine block and cooling system.

Regardless of which of these truck accessories you add on to your vehicle, when you are done, you get the joy of having a tough looking and well balanced vehicle that gets the job done.

Author Information

If there is one title Vern can attest to, it’s that of a truck aficionado. Owner of over 10 trucks, mudding enthusiast, and amateur mechanic, you’ll often find Vern out adding some awesome truck accessories to one of his many vehicles just because he can.

Photos courtesy Vern Marker.